Happy Birthday Potato!

Potato is my (just turned) two year old niece. As a long distant pseudo Graphic Designer Aunt, I can hardly do much. This year I wanted to try and go beyond a plain Skype lovey dovey message.

I made Potato a poster. A first that I have done for someone special. I cheekily rhymed what I like and made a quick illustration too!

Well, I hope she likes it when she can read it someday!

Colour for this chappal: Blue, which was the theme for Potato’s party!


In Symmetry

One evening, at the letter box and reception area of the hostel where we live, I found the perfect alignment of supermarket brochures put into the letterboxes. Im not sure if it was consciously done but it looked very very interesting. Made me think about perfection, symmetry and alignment. Very very interesting it was. Something I see here usually but not back in India (not very usual atleast)


Monolithic Printed Book on Social Inequality

At the HS, Hannover, I got the opportunity to be part of a Masters Workshop held by Ms Dorothee Wienlich that looked at interesting printing techniques. This involved hand printing (monolithic technique) using various materials and also usage of typography at certain places through new and innovative techniques (for me atleast).

We had to base our notebook on one of our main projects. Since I was not very deep into a particular project, I chose a project of mine that looks at Social Inequality. At that point there were some basic keywords that I had in mind and not a very clear idea, but the overall theme was set.

We painted, printed and stitched the final notebook over two days.

Here are images of the final notebook.

Colour for this chappal: Red

Intriguing Signage-2

While I was doing a project in the city of Minden, in North Germany, there were a couple of interesting signages that I found.

One of them was these. It looks like it belongs to a period when there were tanks that moved on the road. Probably a part of time when Minden was still a British base. Having said that, I was quite excited to see that there was an old signage that showed the speed that it should travel in. The colour interaction is also bright and the icons perfect. Indeed pretty intiguing to me.

Packaging Dates

There are a lot of items sold in the supermarket that are fresh and/or baked and they have an interesting technique to inform the consumer about the expiry date.

There is a thin plastic strip that is wound around the packaging with the expiry date stamped (printed) on it. Its done with a coloured background, so that you cant miss it and it works pretty interestingly. It also holds the package together.
IMAG0435 ed


As part of the Figure Und Portrait course (Figure and Portrait) here at the FHH, there was a surprise that came along our way last week.

We were asked to paint an individual canvas, without being given any details. The canvas had something that needed to be made on it already. As in, a reference of sorts. For me, it was a test of getting acrylic colour right as well as making sure I do what I see. It was very very interesting to do actually. Eventually all the canvases came together to form a huge and very very interesting painting. We didnt know what it would form or if was supposed to form anything at all.

I have done nothing of this nature, with such a mixed group and with an end result so big and beautiful.
The project was a wall installation for someone who had asked for it. So the next step was to install it for him at his residence. Needless to say, that too was an experience.

So much learning.

Colour for this chappal: BLUE!